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AddVal Electrical – We Provide Commercial & Residential Electrical Services for Edmonton and the Surrounding Area

AddVal Electrical is a locally owned and operated electrical contracting business servicing Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our team has over 10 years of electrical experience in Edmonton, completing residential and commercial projects. Our certified journeyman electricians provide regulated quality workmanship following all Canadian Electrical Code guidelines. We continuously keep up to date with new industry guidelines, attend trade shows, workshops, and train our staff to offer new and improved technology, as well as stay current with trends in the electrical industry. We are fully insured and bonded, meeting all government standards for safety and assurance on all Addval projects and service calls. We believe in saving our clients money while also working towards a greener planet, that’s why we invest in using sustainable products such as smart switches, motion sensors, smart LED lights, LED fixtures, smart systems, and other emerging sustainable products.

Our clients love that we can do extreme electrical installations such as rewiring their whole home,
or small and simple tasks, such as changing plugs and light fixtures.

AddVal Electrical
Edmonton Electrical Contractor Services
Commercial & Residential Electrical – Edmonton & area

Trusted Edmonton Electrical Services

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Residential Electrical Services – Edmonton & area

Residential homes in Edmonton are built using a complex wiring system that is safe for the client but also provides the home with all the necessary electrical components needed. Thus, electricians are one of the first workers on-site when a home is being built, renovated, assessed, or demolished. Our electrical services are crucial to any change, big or small, that may occur in the interior or exterior of the home. We take pride in offering an all-encompassing array of electrical services for our residential clients.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation brings savings, convenience, and safety. This service is all about making your life easier via remote technology through smart devices. You’re able to use any phone device, iPad, google assistant, Alexa, etc., this is all at the touch of your fingers whether you’re in bed or on vacation, you can have full control of different aspects of your home. This includes anything from installing a garage door opener, doorbell camera, smart door light switches, smart plugs, set timers, and many more devices. Whether you’re keeping your family safe with smart cameras, or turning off the kitchen lights from your bed. Smart Home Automation brings you convenience and peace of mind. We are able to bring any home into the 21st century by integrating and maximizing your smart products.

MORE INFORMATION: Check out our smart home automation page

Electrical Home Renovations

Electrical renovations to any home provide convenience, save money, and provide security. As a trusted Edmonton electrical contractor, we offer all types of residential electrical renovations or improvements, such as upgrading your old electrical wires to currently approved CSA wires. We also provide a wide selection of electrical improvements for your basement.

Edmonton Residential Electrical Services:

• Roughing in electrical wiring for home
• Electrical residential wiring… any electrical project from the ground up to quick repairs
• Adding security or camera systems
• Optimizing internet in the home, such as adding in a mesh network to get consistent internet speed throughout the home
• Electrical Service calls (Edmonton & area) for any electrical issues
• Energy Audits… we help customers identify potential energy savings
• Installation of Solar panels for your home

AddVal Electrical
Edmonton Electrical Contractor Services
Commercial & Residential & Electrical – Edmonton & area

Trusted Edmonton Electrical Services

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Commercial Electrical Contractor – Edmonton & area

Commercial electrical services for our clients are similar to residential in some aspects because they use our electrical knowledge to collaborate and problem solve, but on a larger scale. Because there are many different components to consider and we are often communicating with other service industries, we work closely with our clients to realize their plans and stay within their timelines. Our Journeyman Edmonton electricians have experience handling complex projects such as new building wiring to straightforward tenant improvement upgrades.

Our client base for commercial electrical services includes, but is not limited to:

  • new business owners
  • commercial spaces
  • development projects
  • property management companies
  • retail spaces and restaurants

Overall, our commercial electrical services are designed to understand the project criteria,
collaborate, be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and provide reputable workmanship.

Commercial Electrical Renovations

edmonton commercial electrician - installing panel
Commercial Electrical Services

We provide everything from electrical demolitions, to installing and upgrading electrical systems within commercial buildings. Commercial electrical spaces have a small time window to get improvements made and to move new tenants into these spaces. Thus, landlords need service providers to not only add necessary improvements, such as power upgrades, wiring from single to three-phase electrical service upgrades, or adding a dedicated circuit for such loads as a backup battery, for servers in the building. We also add and remove receptacle plugs, switches, light fixtures, electrical signs in buildings, provide services upgrades for larger buildings, such as panels from 200amps to 600amps and above, and install phone lines and internet lines to work stations as needed. We also do Electrical optimizations with electrical systems such as installing power moderating equipment to provide power consumption of buildings. Installing motion sensors and cameras in high traffic areas and installing building management systems.

Commercial Electrical Lighting

Our Journeyman electrical team can design and provide lighting solutions for your commercial space. We’ll help you upgrade the current lighting to a more modern system, making your lighting more energy-efficient, as well as bringing convenience and safety to the building and its users. We often use Levven Controls and a CX Controller panel system to accomplish your electrical lighting installation or lighting upgrades.

electrician - edmonton lighting installation
Professional Lighting Installs

Commercial Electrical Services – Edmonton & area

• Troubleshooting via telephone/video call for small minor electrical issues such as resetting a tripped breaker, or when building automation systems are not functioning
• Installation of building automation systems to provide building efficiency and long-lasting savings
• LED lighting upgrades in your building as well as helping you to design a lighting layout
• Run Cat6 and set up and network for your building needs. Such as computer stations, hotspots throughout the building
• Run a POE network for your IP telephones and cameras for your building
• We provide detailed inspection reports required for insurance or building purchases
• Building electrical improvements for new businesses
• Installation of Solar panels for your business bringing electrical costs down and reducing emissions.

MORE INFORMATION: Check out our commercial electrical services page

AddVal Electrical
Edmonton Electrical Contractor Services
Residential & Commercial Electrical – Edmonton & area

Trusted Edmonton Electrical Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does aluminum wiring need upgrading to copper in electrical systems?

Aluminum Wiring is commonly safe, although there are concerns when incorrect receptacles or conductors are installed, the threat of a hazard may occur. What often makes aluminum wiring a hazard is aluminum wiring is a metal that is less strong than copper wiring and when the electricity goes through the aluminum wire it gets very hot then heats up. If an incorrect device or wire is attached to the aluminum wire, it causes the wire to oxidize, then creates a gap, then the connection may become loose and cause a fire hazard.

Why are LED bulbs better for your building or home?

In Edmonton, LED bulbs have been out for some time, generally, these bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs which can dramatically save money on your electricity bill.

Why do my circuit breakers always trip when I plug something in such as my blow dryer?

In Edmonton, the most common issue on a circuit breaker we see is that the circuit management has not been maintained, or too many plugs were connected to the circuit. There are solutions to resolve this issue that require a qualified electrician to resolve.

My home has 100-amp service and does not have 200-amp service, should I upgrade my service?

New homes in Edmonton typically come with 200 amps due to the number of devices and potential upgrades down the line. Most homeowners who have a 100-amp service upgrade to 200 amp, due to wanting to add a hot tub in their backyard, or an air conditioner, or even a subpanel in the garage to have a workshop. Some homeowners want to add more power to different locations in the home, but don’t have enough service to do so. This upgrade is possible, and we are here to help.

As a family-owned Edmonton electrical business, we encompass values such as trust, accountability, honesty, and loyalty. These values are why our customers continually refer us to their families and friends. We believe our business has succeeded as a result of satisfied customer referrals. We believe in the value of people, and in serving our communities with the same standards that we were raised on. These standards, coupled with our electrical knowledge, have enabled us to go the extra mile with our customers. We help our customers make decisions with confidence and they trust us to get the job done regardless of the project size.

We believe our strength is our education and collaboration with our customers
on products that will make their homes and buildings more efficient, as well improve our planet.

AddVal Electrical
Edmonton Electrical Contractor Services
Residential & Commercial Electrical – Edmonton & area

Trusted Edmonton Electrical Services

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