Residential Electrical Services

Residential homes in Edmonton are built using a complex wiring system that is safe for the client but also provides the home with all the necessary electrical components needed. Thus, electricians are some of the first workers on-site when a home is being built, renovated, assessed, or demolished. Our electrical services are crucial to any change, big or small, that may occur in the interior or exterior of the home. We take pride in offering an all-encompassing array of electrical services for our residential clients.

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Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation brings savings, convenience, and safety. This service is all about making your life easier via remote technology through smart devices. You’re able to use any phone device, iPad, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc., this is all at the touch of your fingers whether you’re in bed or on vacation, you can have full control of different aspects of your home. This includes anything from installing a garage door opener, doorbell camera, smart door light switches, smart plugs, set timers, and many more devices. Whether you’re keeping your family safe with smart cameras, or turning off the kitchen lights from your bed. Smart Home Automation brings you convenience and peace of mind. We can bring any home into the 21st century by integrating and maximizing your smart products.

Electrical Home Renovations

Electrical renovations to any home provide convenience, save money, and provide security. As a trusted Edmonton electrical contractor, we offer all types of residential electrical renovations or improvements, such as upgrading your old electrical wires to currently approved CSA wires. We also provide a wide selection of electrical improvements for your basement. 

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