Commercial Electrical Services

Our commercial electrical services are designed to understand the project criteria, 
collaborate, be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, and provide reputable workmanship.

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Commercial Electrical Contractor - Edmonton & Area

Commercial electrical services for our clients are similar to residential in some aspects because they use our electrical knowledge to collaborate and problem solve, but on a larger scale. Because there are many different components to consider and we are often communicating with other service industries, we work closely with our clients to realize their plans and stay within their timelines. 

Our Journeyman Edmonton electricians have experience handling complex projects such as new building wiring to straightforward tenant improvement upgrades. Our client base for commercial electrical services includes but is not limited to: 

  • New business owners
  • Commercial spaces
  • Development projects
  • Property Management companies
  • Retail spaces and restaurants

Commercial Electrical Renovations

We provide everything from electrical demolitions to installing and upgrading electrical systems within commercial buildings. Commercial electrical spaces have a small time window to get improvements made and to move new tenants into these spaces. Thus, landlords need service providers to not only add necessary improvements, such as power upgrades, wiring from single to three-phase electrical service upgrades, or adding a dedicated circuit for such loads as a backup battery, for servers in the building. 

We also add and remove receptacle plugs, switches, light fixtures, and electrical signs in buildings, provide service upgrades for larger buildings, such as panels from 200amps to 600amps and above, and install phone lines and internet lines to workstations as needed. We also do Electrical optimizations with electrical systems such as installing power moderating equipment to provide power consumption of buildings. Installing motion sensors and cameras in high-traffic areas and installing building management systems.

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Commercial Electrical Lighting

As one of the leading electrical names in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, AddVal can design and provide lighting solutions for any commercial space. Our team of Journeyman electricians will upgrade the existing lighting scheme to a more modern system. Not only will this result in a more energy-efficient system, but one that is smarter too. Depending on the client’s needs, we can bring smart automation benefits, allowing automatic lighting changes, voice-activated light and sound systems, alarms and cameras, or even automatic door openers. 

Smart lighting can improve the safety around your site, ensuring that health and safety issues are addressed while still allowing for energy savings. We often use Levven Controls and a CX controller panel system to accomplish all your electrical lighting installation needs. Whether you are a new business owner or are working on a significant commercial project, we’re ready to discuss your needs.

Commercial Services & Repairs

Add-Val builds relationships with its clients. Your sites are our sites. As such, we are always proud of our work, and we are only ever a call away when clients need us. Our electrical knowledge is available to solve your needs, whether a small business or a large-scale project that requires significant time investments.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their plans are realized on time. We have a team of Journeyman electricians in Edmonton that can react quickly when emergency repairs are needed or timescales need to be compressed in order for your business to retain its agility.

Whether it’s a new build that needs wiring in full or straightforward improvements in tenanted properties, we’re here for services, repairs, or upgrades.

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Commercial Panel Upgrades

Sometimes the electrical usage of a site exceeds original expectations, and the panel needs to be upgraded to allow for this. We can upgrade your panels from 200 amps to 600 amps and beyond. Most new homes in the Edmonton area have 200amp services, and this is a minimum for any business location due to the increased energy needs. It is crucial to ensure your electrical panels remain fit for purpose, as without the appropriate wiring and breakers, the chances of an electrical failure, and even fire, grows. Upgrading the electrical panel also allows service to be extended into previously unpowered areas, such as garages and storage areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Depending on the work scope and the complexity of the job, it can take anywhere from a day to a month to complete.

We offer a full range of products from electrical panels to transformers, we typically work with Siemens and Schneider equipment.

We have a wide variety of options for LED lights in commercial buildings, from installing new LED lights to reusing your old fixtures and just replacing the old parts to make them LED compatible.

We highly recommend having your electricians examine your panel if it’s more than 10 years old, in order to understand if it’s ready for an upgrade. You can also look out for signs that may indicate your existing panel is in trouble if you notice; frequently tripped circuit breakers, vibrating or buzzing sounds coming from the panel, signs of scorching on the breakers or other parts and if you smell a strong acid smell.

Are there any specific panels to be careful of?

Yes, Federal pacific electrical panels, though they are no longer manufactured, were never officially recalled. They have been linked to over 2500 electrical fires because of the 25% failure rate of the Strab-Lok circuit breakers. If you have a panel installed before 1991, check on its inside lid to see if it says Federal Pacific, if so, please contact us.

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